Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What are Felted Crochet Teddy Bears?

These unique collectable teddy bears are crocheted with traditional stitches using a wool or wool and natural fiber blend to form their shape. They are stuffed with any material not affected by hot water. Then they are felted (or fulled) with very hot water so that the gaps in the stitching tighten up and the stuffing is invisible (or very nearly so). Once the desired amount of felting is achieved they are dried. At this point they are ready for their details like noses and smiles!

This One Of A Kind (OOAK) felted teddy bear is crocheted with 100% wool in a medium brown color. The crochet stictches are still lightly visible. The head is cotter pin jointed and the arms and legs are thread jointed. The face and toes are sculpted and the paws have hand embroidered claws. The seated measurement is 6" high & 9" standing. Must be propped to stand. He is up for adoption on my website on the Felted Crochet Teddy Bears page.  UPDATE: This Teddy has been Adopted

Monday, September 28, 2009


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