Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To Keep You Warm

I've just added a new and fun hat to my website.
To view more photos and read all the details, please go here.

Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Christmas Photos

Just a few this time...
After our Christmas Eve gathering we went to Old Town and saw this Santa.

My sister in-laws Christmas tree.
A boy and his dog.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Tree
I used decorations that looked like they could be found in nature. Pine cones, berries, leaves and "birds." (They are made of mushrooms).
And I made our wreaths this year. This one has pine cones and crochet bells, a stocking, Santa, gift, and Holly leaves. It hangs on the inside of our front door.
And our outside wreath with gold and red balls, and a big gold bell hanging below the bow.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas in Old Town

Each year in Old Town Albuquerque, there is an event called Holiday Stroll. It is usually held the first weekend in December and includes many performers, luminarias and the giant Christmas tree lighting ceremony. 
Most of the businesses in Old Town go all out with lights and decorations. (No, that is no ghost peeking from behind that post!)
The red chile decorations are beautiful and can be seen no where else but New Mexico!
These lovely scenes can be photographed and enjoyed not just during Holiday Stroll but throughout the entire Christmas season.
There are also events most weekends during the entire month of December.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pudra Studio Give-a-way

Want a chance to win the cutie shown above? Of course you do! Visit Pudra Studio and she will tell you how to get your chance.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Will You Take Me Home?"

That's what he seems to be asking with his sweet look. This is Bogie, my latest Bequest Bear. He is an OOAK sewn bear made from my own pattern, with beautiful camel colored synthetic fur. He stands 16" tall & is fully lined & double stitched. He has 5-way bolt and lock nut joints & is stuffed with poly-fil and poly pellets.
Bogie's nose and mouth have been hand-embroidered with black Perle cotton. The eyes are black German buttons with hand-sculpted eye rims that add tons of character. He comes with a sewn in tag and will arrive at your home with his COA (Certificate of Authenticity).
His introductory price is $125 + S&H but he is part of my Super Christmas Sale and is listed on my website on the Bequest Bears page for an even lower price through December 12th.

If you would like to answer his question with a definite "Yes!", don't forget everything purchased during my Christmas Sale will ship by the USPS deadline so you can have Bogie (or anything else that catches your eye) in time for Christmas.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Eyes

I wanted to do something different for my teddy bears eyes, something that would make them more uniquely my own. The eyes on the teddy I am working on now have hand-sculpted eye rims. I'm pleased with how they came out and the character they give the bear.
Hopefully I will have this teddy finished in the next week or so and you can see images of the whole huggable cuteness! :o)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Terrific Tuesday, - SUPER CHRISTMAS SALE!

So rather than having all of those, I'm just gonna have one big one! Now through December 12th, ALL of the in-stock items on my website are on Sale. That's right. All hats, jewelry, and teddy bears are on sale! (Including my ribbon winners!!) So stop by today and pick out one of my hand-crafted creations.
All items purchased during this sale will be shipped by the USPS deadline so you can have all your goodies before Christmas.
Please review my store policies here. Any other questions? Please email me at diana(at)butterflybequest(dot)com

And don't forget, this will be my only sale of the Christmas season. On December 13th, everything will go back to it's regular price.
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog Give-A-Way at Bears In the Bush

To celebrate her 200th follower, Linda Benson at Bears in the Bush is having a blog giveaway, drawing to be held Dec 10th.

So pop on over there and she will give you all the details!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wedding Hankie

Here is another linen/cotton blend ladies handkerchief with hand-crocheted lace edging.
The white handkerchief has black picot lace around the edge made from fine cotton thread. I made this one with a little bigger thread than the last one. And yes, it is for a wedding even though it is is trimmed in black.
The bride will not be wearing a white gown and this hankie will be the perfect combination of traditional and non-traditional.

This hankie is SOLD but if you would like more information about it, or would like a similar one of your own, please let me know. diana(at)butterflybequest(dot)com

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pink Ribbon Challenge Extended!

The Breast Cancer Site's 8th Annual Pink Ribbon Challenge has been extended so that 500 mammograms can be provided to women in need this season. All clicks will continue to be doubled! So don't forget to check back here and click the pink button on my sidebar. I will leave it up during the extended challenge. They are at 55% of their goal as of now and if you pass the word along, I know we can get them to their goal of 500 mammograms! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

White Oaks

 White Oaks is an old mining town that was founded in 1879 when gold was discovered on nearby Baxter Mountain. The town quickly grew to about 2,500 people and there was a post office, bank, four churches, school and a mortuary.
school house
There were also several blacksmith shops, meat market, general merchandise store, restaurant, drug store, laundry and even a dairy.
Several prominent New Mexicans were part of White Oaks history. W.C. McDonald arrived as a surveyor and later became New Mexico's first governor after statehood. He is buried in the White Oaks cemetery.
Billy the Kid was chased by a White Oaks posse to the Greathouse Trading Post where White Oaks deputy, Jim Carlisle was killed. His body was brought back to White Oaks for burial as was deputy James Bell, who was murdered by The Kid during his escape from the Lincoln County jail.
There are many historic buildings in town, including this brick mansion.
Hoyle house
Watt Hoyle constructed the home in 1893, allegedly for his prospective bride. After she wrote him a "Dear John" letter, he never finished the inside of the house.
Gumm house
The Gumm brothers owned a lumber mill and Pat Garrett was allegedly at the Gumm house arranging to purchase lumber for the scaffolding needed to hang Billy the Kid when Billy made his escape from the Lincoln County jail.  The home is now owned by the only realtor in White Oaks and has undergone extensive renovation.
Miner's Home & Tool shed museum
The Miner's Home and Tool shed museum contains a recreation of the way life would have been in the area in the late 1800's. It contains hundreds of artifacts and history. There is a tool shed out back containing mining tools and samples of various ore.

White Oaks was destined to become a flourishing metropolis but was undone by greedy town leaders who refused the right of way to the El Paso and Northeastern railroad by pricing the land outrageously high. The negotiators simply walked away and headed for Corona and Carrizozo.
Today White Oaks is home to not only museums and historical sites but many artists studios and the "NO Scum Allowed!" bar.

From the US 54 between Corona and Carrizozo, turn on County Road 349.

For more information about White Oaks, please go here:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Wreath

Here's the latest project I made.
Everything but the wreath itself is crochet. Even the cobwebs. I had to stop making things for it so I'd have it done in time for Halloween!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Holly's 13th Birthday

Yesterday was Holly's 13th birthday.
Of course she had to have gelato!
And after that she went to the duckpond at the campus.
Have you ever seen such a pretty face!?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bandelier National Monument

On Hwy 4 not far from Los Alamos is Bandelier National Monument. The landscape was formed by both sudden volcanic eruptions and the slow forces of erosion.
view of Talus house at the beginning of hike from visitors center
Ancestral Pueblo people lived here for approximately 400 years beginning in 1150 CE. Unlike their nomadic and semi-nomadic predecessors, they built homes and planted crops.
They were also hunters and even had domesticated animals like turkeys and dogs.
Tyuonyi Pueblo
 Their homes were on the canyon floor as seen in Tyuonyi Pueblo, which had approximately 400 rooms. And up against the canyon walls as seen at Talus House. They even used the canyon walls themselves to construct elaborate, multi-story cliff dwellings.

There are many animals in Bandelier including 13 species of bats, which use this cave as a roost.
Long House Cave

And we saw this footprint near the edge of the stream while hiking the back country.
I'm not sure what the print is from but American Badgers and Black Bears both live here.

This small waterfall is in the back country.  There are other larger falls in Bandelier that we were unable to see due to time. I think we could have used at least one more day in this pretty place!

One of the highlights of our visit was Alcove House, otherwise known as Ceremonial Cave. The area is accessed by several wooden ladders and hand and toe hold trails. For someone a little afraid of heights, (actually falling from heights!), I was proud of myself for making the scary climb to see it. At the foot of the cave is a reconstructed kiva which would have been used for religious ceremonies, teaching and meetings. You can even climb down into the kiva. The cave also sheltered the homes of several ancestral Pueblo families, as many as 23 rooms, some two stories high.

Petroglyphs abound throughout Bandelier.

For more information about Bandelier National Monument, please visit

Friday, October 1, 2010

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~ Help fund free mammograms!

The Breast Cancer Site was founded to help fund free mammograms for women in need — women for whom early detection would not otherwise be possible. Since its launch in October 2000, the site has established itself as a leader in online activism and in the fight to prevent breast cancer deaths.The Breast Cancer Site provides a feel-good way to help promote awareness and prevent breast cancer deaths every day — through easy online activities.

With a simple daily click of the pink button on my sidebar, or the banner at the end of this post, visitors help provide mammograms to those in need. Visitors pay nothing. Mammograms are paid for by the The Breast Cancer Site's sponsors and distributed by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
The issue of breast cancer is painfully close to many people's hearts. Each year, 211,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 43,300 die. Almost everyone knows someone whose life has been affected by a breast cancer diagnosis or that of a loved one.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women ages 40 - 55. Early detection is the key to survival and better treatment options, and mammography is among the best-known methods of early detection, yet 13 million women in the U.S. over 40 have never had a mammogram.

In addition to clicking the pink "Click Every Day!" button, visitors can make early detection and survival of breast cancer possible by shopping in The Breast Cancer Site store. With each item purchased, shoppers generate funds for free mammograms for women in need. The store offers a wide array of items to show your support, including pink ribbon jewelry and apparel.

In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness month I plan to keep the "Click Every Day!" button on my sidebar through October so be sure to check back and click every day! :)

Want your own button to place on your blog or website? Go here!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fort Sumner

Fort Sumner is located in eastern New Mexico at the crossroads of US 60/84 and State Highway 20.
Since we had been spending so much time on Billy the Kid history, we decided this was an important place to visit. Billy was killed in Fort Sumner in 1881 by Lincoln County sheriff, Pat Garrett.
Outside the Chamber of Commerce
The Billy the Kid Museum is located here. (Just follow the signs).

And along with Billy the Kids rifle and other Billy memorabilia, you can see over 60,000 relics of the historic past.
Look at this photographic equipment!

And this old sewing machine. Wow!

There were lots of old cars and wagons.

And even an old jail cell. (No, I didn't leave him in there).

If you would like more information about the museum, here is a link to their website.

And no Fort Sumner visit would be complete without seeing Billy the Kid's grave.
Located near the Old Fort Sumner Museum, the tomb is now enclosed in metal bars because it was stolen 3 times!
There is no charge to visit Billy's grave.

In the same cemetery is the grave of Lucien Bonaparte Maxwell, who died in fort Sumner in 1875.  In 1864 he was the single largest land owner in the United States. He also founded the First National Bank of Santa Fe and, with his personal investment of $250,000 helped built the Texas Pacific Railroad.

For more information about Fort Sumner, please visit the Chamber of Commerce link.

On the way back to Albuquerque we stopped in Estancia for gas and dinner. We were lucky enough to find the Bella Notte restaurant. Bella Notte is actually the culinary facility that is part of Liberty Ranch Christian School. This is a non-profit facility with all money going back into foods, operating expenses, and then to an academic scholarship fund.
The food was wonderful! From chicken Marsala to lemon chicken, baked pasta and vegetables, to a decadent chocolate pie for dessert. Hubby and I had a complete dinner for under $30. The students were bright and friendly too. The food is mostly Italian but the menu expands and changes as the students learn.
Bella Notte is located at 517 South 5th Street and they are open from 11am to 8 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as opening at 7:30 on Sunday for breakfast. A recommended visit for dinner on your way back from Fort Sumner or the Salinas Pueblo Missions or anywhere in the Estancia, NM area.