Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wolf Sanctuary Photos

So, in case you were wondering where they were, our visit to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary was delayed a week, as my husband got the flu. But I do have photos to show you! It was awfully hard to pick which ones to post as I took over 250 photos that day. I've done my best to pick a good representation to show. And if you get a chance to visit them, do! It was amazing. The guides are wonderful and full of stories. The drive is beautiful even though it's long. It was snowy and we had the place to ourselves. We also drove by El Morro and didn't have time to take the hike. (Plus it was cold). But plan to go back to visit it in the spring or summer when it's green and blooming. So, without further ado, on to the wolves!Most of the buildings on the grounds were similar to this one.

The first wolf-dog we saw was this momma.

Here's one of her babies. It's thought dad might be a Labrador!

Alice, Forest & Thunder

Cheyenne was sad. She just lost her mate a couple of weeks ago and wolves mate for life.

What a handsome wolf!

Brutas & Akela

The Look

On the hill.


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