Friday, July 30, 2010

El Malpais ~ Part I

El Malpais means "the badlands" in Spanish and this enormous National Monument and National Conservation Area is located south of I-40 midway between Gallup and Albuquerque.
The first time we passed by this area, it was covered in snow and the various landscape features were not this obvious! Can you see the volcano?
All of the areas in this post are from sites along HWY 53 and this particular volcano I spotted not far from the Ice Caves (a privately owned attraction).

In the El Calderon area you can explore Junction Cave, a lava tube cave that has 2 separate entrances which provide a bit of natural light. It was formed approximately 115,000 years ago. If you bring flashlights you can explore further and even go down Right Hook Tunnel.

Double Sinks are 2 sinks holes approximately 80 feet deep.

Bat Cave is another lava tube cave home to little brown bats, pallid bats, and Townsend's big eared bats which live and hibernate in this cave and others in the monument year round. The cave is also the summer home to Mexican free-tailed bats. At dusk, bats can be seen flying from the entrance to forage for insects. (Please do not enter bat cave or otherwise disturb the bats).

If visiting this area with small children or on a very hot day, I recommend going back the way you came at this point.
If you are up for further exploring you can continue on to Lava Trench area, then to the El Calderon Cinder Cone.

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And stayed tuned to this blog for "El Malpais ~ Part II" coming in the next few weeks.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Old Town

Old Town, Albuquerque's first neighborhood, was founded in 1706 by Governor Francisco Cuervo y ValdezThis statue of Valdez was created by artist Buck McCain.

Paintings and murals can be found throughout the patios and balconies.
The brick paths may lead you to a fountain or hidden water feature.
Beautiful scenes may unfold around any corner.
Colorful statues and artwork abound.
This is historic San Felipe de Neri Church.
And on the day we visited, the park across the street from the church held a special surprise in the gazebo.Tango. The dance of love!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I saw this guy running through a neighborhood near my home. And luckily I had my "third arm" with me! I thought posting his picture would be most appropriate as I feel a bit like a roadrunner lately. Always running, running, trying to catch something...

The Greater Roadrunner is part of the cuckoo family and is New Mexico's state bird.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sandia Crest

Besides Cowboys & Horses, we saw a lot of other things that day.This was taken on the deck between the tram loading area and the restaurant.

This cute little chipmunk was on the rocks right below me looking for his lunch.

The tram.Another tram photo from the hiking trail further on.

This beautiful grassy meadow contains mostly landscape in the distance, not skyline. It is about 180 degrees difference from the previous shots. One of the ski lifts.

Iris & Moth.

A bit further up the mountain, near Crest House.
Can you see the Rio Grande River?

Sunset reflecting off the rocks.