Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Billy the Kid National Scenic Byway ~ Lincoln (Part II)

Book Store. Do you see Billy? :)
Lincoln is home to many other buildings including the Old Lincoln Church.
Old Lincoln Church

The Historical Society Building.
Historical Society

Several Galleries and Shops.

And there are also many beautiful and historic homes.

In July of 1878, U.S. troops were encamped a few yards from this home. They were supposedly brought in to protect lives and property but their presence may have accelerated tensions.

Dr. Woods Home. Circa 1886

This home looked almost like is was made of paper!

Casa de Patron. Bed & Breakfast

Montano Store
This is the Montano Store, one of the first in Lincoln. It was operated as a general store by Jose Montano, who was neutral in the Lincoln County War.

One of the earliest structures in Lincoln, this Torreon was built in the 1850's as protection from the Apaches.

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