Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Billy the Kid National Scenic Byway ~ Lincoln Part III

One of the museums in Lincoln is the Tunstall-McSween Store. It was erected in 1877 and even after both parties were slain in the Lincoln County war, the building remained a store under other pioneer merchants.

Here you see the interior of the store.
Part of the store/museum also has old vehicles like this used to deliver the US Mail.

And this old chuck wagon.

Several of the homes are now stores and artists studios.

This loom is one of several at La Placita, a weaving and spinning shop.

La Placita side garden
This is a jacal which was representative of homes built by Lincoln's early settlers.
Jacales were built of upright posts driven into the ground and covered by mud plaster, with flat roofs of posts, poles, mud and straw. The beams were hand-hewn.
This jacal was used during the 1920's by newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Solomon Luna.

The cemetery had this interesting headstone of the Salazar's. It says the Yginio was a "Pal of Billy the Kid."

This sign was inside the Tunstall-McSween Store/Museum and it struck me as funny.

That's all of the Lincoln posts. I'll leave it to you to discover the rest and there is lots more to see. Hope you enjoyed what I showed you of it! (If you'd like to see the other posts, Lincoln Part I is here, and Lincoln Part II here).

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