Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fort Sumner

Fort Sumner is located in eastern New Mexico at the crossroads of US 60/84 and State Highway 20.
Since we had been spending so much time on Billy the Kid history, we decided this was an important place to visit. Billy was killed in Fort Sumner in 1881 by Lincoln County sheriff, Pat Garrett.
Outside the Chamber of Commerce
The Billy the Kid Museum is located here. (Just follow the signs).

And along with Billy the Kids rifle and other Billy memorabilia, you can see over 60,000 relics of the historic past.
Look at this photographic equipment!

And this old sewing machine. Wow!

There were lots of old cars and wagons.

And even an old jail cell. (No, I didn't leave him in there).

If you would like more information about the museum, here is a link to their website.

And no Fort Sumner visit would be complete without seeing Billy the Kid's grave.
Located near the Old Fort Sumner Museum, the tomb is now enclosed in metal bars because it was stolen 3 times!
There is no charge to visit Billy's grave.

In the same cemetery is the grave of Lucien Bonaparte Maxwell, who died in fort Sumner in 1875.  In 1864 he was the single largest land owner in the United States. He also founded the First National Bank of Santa Fe and, with his personal investment of $250,000 helped built the Texas Pacific Railroad.

For more information about Fort Sumner, please visit the Chamber of Commerce link.

On the way back to Albuquerque we stopped in Estancia for gas and dinner. We were lucky enough to find the Bella Notte restaurant. Bella Notte is actually the culinary facility that is part of Liberty Ranch Christian School. This is a non-profit facility with all money going back into foods, operating expenses, and then to an academic scholarship fund.
The food was wonderful! From chicken Marsala to lemon chicken, baked pasta and vegetables, to a decadent chocolate pie for dessert. Hubby and I had a complete dinner for under $30. The students were bright and friendly too. The food is mostly Italian but the menu expands and changes as the students learn.
Bella Notte is located at 517 South 5th Street and they are open from 11am to 8 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as opening at 7:30 on Sunday for breakfast. A recommended visit for dinner on your way back from Fort Sumner or the Salinas Pueblo Missions or anywhere in the Estancia, NM area.

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