Monday, November 14, 2011

Holly Quilt

This is my second quilt, a memory quilt of Holly. Just like Zeke's quilt, I machine quilted everything. This was the first time I used a walking foot though, and it does make stitching all those layers easier.
I also outline stitched the images in the photos so they "pop." I used green thread in the bobbin to match the quilt backing and different colors on the spool to match whatever I was quilting on the top. This quilt also has mock binding.

I was planning to experiment with the quilting foot and possibly outline some of the cherry blossoms but I made so many mistakes and ripped out so many stitches I did not like, I figured I would save that for next time! Maybe something smaller, so if I don't like it, it doesn't take so long to rip out and redo :)
I'm happy with the end result though. This quilt has turned into a lovely wall hanging.

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