Thursday, June 21, 2012

Enchanted Circle, Part I ~ Taos

At the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountians you will find the town of Taos.
On the way up to Taos, we stopped beside the river. There were a ton of folks rafting that day!
In 1847 the U.S. took possession of New Mexico.
Bent Museum
Some former Mexican citizens and Taos Natives rebelled, killing the first territorial governor, Charles Bent, in his Taos home.
Although there has been an inn on the site of the La Fonda as early as 1820, the current hotel was not opened until 1937. Today it is the only hotel in Taos Plaza.
The statue across the street and in front of the La Fonda is of Padre Antonio Jose Martinez, who as well as being an educator, publisher and political leader, was one of New Mexico's only native-born Catholic clergy. He served as Taos parish priest from 1826-1858.

Taos is rich with art, and museums and galleries abound.
There are several museums and galleries on historic Ledoux Street near Taos Plaza.

Hungry? La Cueva Cafe at 135 Paseo del Pueblo Sur was wonderful! We had the chicken enchiladas with green chili and the chicken was all white meat, the beans were whole and everything on the plate was delicious. The guacamole is a must have as well.
Well behaved dogs are welcome on La Cueva's outdoor patio.
Another place we were told allows dogs for patio dining is Doc Martin's (named after the county's first physician) at the historic Taos Inn.  We did not have time to try it this visit but maybe next time.
The neon thunderbird sign is Taos oldest.
We stayed at the Sagebrush Inn which was built in 1930 and boasts Georgia O'Keefe as one of its guests during those early years. She stayed and painted in the hotels only 3rd floor room.
The hotel has tons of art but my favorite was the St. Francis wood carving in the fireplace in the bar.
And this kitty was sleeping on one of the outdoor patios.
It was friendly though and would get up to greet us whenever we came by. Can you spot kitty?
Sagebrush Inn has a very reasonable pet fee of $7 per night.
I will post at a later date about the rest of our tour of the Enchanted Circle, including Angel Fire, Eagle Nest and Red River. So keep checking back for that!

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