Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fort Stanton

Officers Quarters
In 1855 the Rio Bonito Valley was being settled by Hispanic farmers. The area was also home to Apaches who conducted periodic raids against the farmers settlements & ranches. Fort Stanton was established on May 4th, 1855 & named after Captain Henry Stanton, who was killed in battle with the Apaches.
The Fort was used for protection until 1896 and Kit Carson, Governor Lew Wallace, and "Black Jack" Pershing all spent time there. The Mescaleros spent 3 years in captivity there under Carson beginning in 1862.
"Wow! Big Dogs."
In 1899 the Fort became Fort Stanton Marine Hospital for treatment of tuberculosis.
Making new friends
In the years since the Fort has served as an internment camp for German seamen, a sanitarium, a facility for the care of the mentally disabled, and housed State minimum security prisoners.

today the museum & store but formerly barracks
In 1996 the Friends of Fort Stanton was founded. They succeded in convincing the State Legislature to preserve the Fort & appropriate the first funds for its renovation.
Today the Fort is home to a museum & store and the grounds and exteriors of the buildings can be toured for free.
Fort Stanton is located just off the Billy the Kid Scenic Byway (Hwy 380) on Hwy 220 at the Bonito River. The turnoff to Hwy 220 is 4 miles southeast of Capitan on the Byway or 10 miles west of Lincoln, NM. The monument is open to visitors year round, every day.
Adjutants Office, Library

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