Monday, September 3, 2012

Annie the Railroad Dog

In Fort Collins, Colorado there is a beautiful testament to the relationship we share with our dogs.
In 1934, Colorado & Southern railroad employees (including Gordon Gunston, Christopher Demuth, John Lane, Harry Sauers, & George Trotter) coaxed a skinny, cold, pregnant, mixed breed black-and-brown dog onto their train. She had been living outside a blacksmith shop in Timnath, which was one of the stops along their route.
These men cared for her, found homes for her puppies, and took turns taking her home on the weekends. They named her Annie.

Annie took her job greeting passengers & employees at C & S seriously and those who did not know her personally, probably knew of her. She was loved by many.
After her death from old age complications in 1948, Christopher Demuth crafted her headstone. The inscription reads: FROM C and S MEN TO ANNIE OUR DOG 1934-1948
I could not help picturing these railroad men, saying their final good-byes to her...
Her grave is now a historic landmark.
There is also a beautiful statue of her outside the library.

The statue is located at 201 Peterson St.
Annie grave is at 136 Laporte Ave. off Mason St.

Sources: historical plaque inside the C & S building,
local newspaper clippings from the Rocky Mountain News & others, city council records (provided by Fort Collins Local History Archive)
Special Thanks to Erin Senseman, Librarian, for her help locating documents.

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