Monday, March 4, 2013

Buddies Portrait Quilt~Part II

In Part I of this series I showed you the beginnings of the portrait quilt I made based on this photo.
Below is the finished quilt after everything has been zig-zagged down & thread-painted, and with the borders and backing on the quilt. I also stipple-quilted the background to make the subjects pop a bit more.
It's important to keep the original photo at hand when doing the thread-painting. I also keep an enlarged version nearby and a black and white because it may delineate areas better than the color version. You can also keep other photos handy, which I had to do because some details were hard to see in the original. I also found a magnifing glass and strong lights helpful!
The dimensions of the finished quilt including border are 26" x 23". The black between the background and border is a tiny flange made of a black calico & I like the effect of emphasis and a bit of formality it gives the finished piece. As in my last quilt I also did a pillow-case backing, which eliminates the need for a binding.
Part I in this series can be seen here. Holly Portrait Quilt, which was my first, can be seen here.