Monday, June 3, 2013

King Sized

It might appear from my lack of posting that I have not been very crafty lately but, I have been busily working on a king-sized quilt. It's taking forever! I have been working on it since March when I finished my last project and have just managed to baste it. Wow! I had no room anywhere for basting! I finally put it on the bed and used an old glass table top that I slid around under the quilt so not to pin it to the bed. If I ever attempt a quilt of this size again, I will have to figure out how to do it in sections, and sew them together after everything is quilted. Don't if that is possible but doing it at 120" X 120" is just too unmanageable & I don't have room.
I have made what I think is called disappearing nine-patch, added borders, and it is on the table waiting to be quilted.
It's for Christmas obviously and I was asked why I started it so early but good thing! More to come after it's quilted.

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